This boneless took a while to get right. Originally I wanted Ryan to shoot one of the young guns who shred this park regularly but they didn't show and the ones that did said they were too tired. So I had to get my old arse up there and make it happen.
 I'd done this frontside wall ride yank out a couple years earlier and thought it would be pretty easy to do it again. But it was a battle and I was starting to think I could do it. This was the second hand I painted and the first photo we shot.
 Kieren Woolley is a shredder. New deal in the pinch.
 When I did this hand I was thinking that a foot plant of some kind would look good. I didn't tell Kieren that but he went straight to the backside boneless, perfectly planted in the pinch.
 This was the first hand I painted and this was the original trick I thought of doing. I probably would have only done the one hand but it was Ryan who suggested I do more around the park. Backside 5-0 on the crust.
 This wall helped me learn how to paint on a bigger scale and helped me learn wallrides. Easily my favourite wall in the world.
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